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Official seal of the Office of the Kentucky Attorney General

The Kentucky Attorney General issued the following open records decision last week:

24-ORD-086  (In re: Lexington Herald–Leader/Lexington Police Department)

Summary: The Lexington Police Department violated the Open Records Act when it failed to respond to a portion of a request for records. The Department also violated the Act when it denied a request for written autopsy records; 911 recordings not containing an allegation of child abuse; records relating to a crisis intervention, other than the form specifically made confidential under KRS 210.365(9); a final summary, personal injury report, and CAD report; and surveillance videos. The Department did not violate the Act when it withheld autopsy photographs or recordings, a collision report, a 911 recording and JC-3 form containing an allegation of child abuse, a Crisis Intervention Report form, photographs depicting the death of a person, or portions of photographs and videos that identify uncharged parties or witnesses. The Department may withhold body-worn camera footage in its entirety to the extent permitted under KRS 61.168(4), but otherwise must redact such footage in accordance with KRS 61.878(4) and KRS 61.878(1)(a).


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