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Seal of the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office

The Kentucky Attorney General issued the following open records decisions last week:

1. 23-ORD-006 (In re: Sean Southard/Office of the Governor)

Summary: The Office of the Governor did not violate the Open Records Act when it denied a request for a communication pertaining to scheduling a meeting under KRS 61.878(1)(j). However, the agency violated the Act when it denied a request for correspondence to or from 13 named individuals “mentioning or related to” certain subjects, where the requester clarified that he only sought e-mails containing specific search terms.

2. 23-ORD-007 (In re: Lawrence Trageser/ Louisville Metro Government.)

Summary: Louisville Metro Government violated the Open Records Act when it did not respond to a request to inspect records.

3. 23-ORD-008 (In re: Leonel Martinez/City of Owensboro)

Summary: Under 40 KAR 1:030 § 4, the Attorney General shall not reconsider a prior decision rendered under the Open Records Act. This Office will not reconsider 16-ORD-114, in which it found the City of Owensboro did not violate the Act when it did not provide a record that does not exist in its possession.

4. 23-ORD-009 (In re: Adam Lye/Oldham County School District)

Summary: The Oldham County School District did not violate the Open Records Act when it denied a request for records related to an ongoing disciplinary proceeding involving a public employee under KRS 61.878(1)(i) and (j) because no final action has occurred.


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