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The Kentucky Attorney General issued the following open records decisions last week:

1. 22-ORD-151 (In re: Randy Bayers/Louisville Metro Safe)

Summary: Louisville Metro Safe violated the Open Records Act when it redacted the names of 911 callers who reported a specific incident. However, Metro did not violate the Act when it redacted the phone numbers of those callers under KRS 61.878(1)(a).


2.  22-ORD-152 (In re: Damon Green/Kenton County Circuit Court Clerk)


Summary: The Open Records Act does not apply to records of the Kenton County Circuit Court Clerk.


3. 22-ORD-153 (In re: Gerardo Rodriguez/Kentucky State Penitentiary)


Summary: The Kentucky State Penitentiary did not violate the Open Records Act when it denied a request for a record that does not exist within its possession.


4. 22-ORD-154 (In re: Bradford McClain/Cabinet for Health and Family Services)


Summary: The Cabinet for Health and Family Services violated the Open Records Act when it failed to respond to a request under the Act within five business days. The Office cannot resolve factual disputes about whether all records responsive to a request have been provided.









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