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Louisville mayoral candidate Craig Greenburg
Louisville mayoral candidate Bill Dieruf’

Courier Journal columnist Joe Gerth rightly complains about Louisville Metro’s six month “self-imposed” deadline for responding to his recent open records request, observing:

“By that time, [current Louisville Mayor Greg] Fischer will no longer be mayor. And maybe either new mayor Craig Greenberg or Bill Dieruf will have done something to fix the mess Fischer’s administration has created.

“Perhaps one of them will just follow the law.”

Gerth: Let’s hope Louisville's new mayor follows the open records law. Fischer sure hasn’t…

The Kentucky Open Government Coalition has repeatedly focused on this issue, analyzing what we know and do not know about the candidates for Louisville’s mayor. 

Please read our full May 2022 post here:…

(We know more than enough about Fischer’s track record on open government, and much of it is not good.)

Our conclusion:

“As chief executive and administrative officer of the City of Jeffersontown, Bill Dieruf is responsible for overseeing the management of the city's daily affairs. Dieruf bears responsibility for multiple violations of state open records law. 

“Of course, what we don’t know about Craig Greenberg may also hurt us. Like a Matt Bevin or, even more apropos, a Greg Fischer, he is a businessman who — coming from the private sector — may have little to no knowledge of Kentucky’s open government laws and even less appreciation for their value. 

“Both candidates will have a chance to explain their positions on open government — in meetings with the Courier Journal’s editorial board or perhaps sooner. 

“Both owe Louisvillians an honest assessment of where they stand on the issue. 

“Both are likely to give lip service to the principles of open government. 

“Dieruf has a record as mayor of Jeffersontown that may be difficult to defend. But no record may be equally problematic for Greenberg — especially given his professional similarities to Louisville’s current mayor — whose administration has a catalogue of open records and open meetings violations as long as your arm.”

Most importantly, the Coalition concluded:

“Now is the time to draw the mayoral candidates out on the open government issue  — before the sturm and drang of the fall campaigns eclipse it. If nothing else, their words may be used against them in the future court of public opinion.”

We reiterate: Demand that the candidates offer specific proposals for improving the “unopened government” status quo in Louisville. Demand that they put actions to mere words.


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