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Official seal of the Office of the Kentucky Attorney General

The Kentucky Attorney General issued the following open records decisions last week:

1. 24-ORD-130 (In re: Stephen Spieth/Kentucky Department of Corrections)

Summary: The Kentucky Department of Corrections did not violate the Open Records Act when it withheld the Appellant’s Sex Offender Treatment Program Report that was exempt from disclosure under KRS 61.878(1)(j).

2. 24-ORD-131 (In re: Jacob Ryan/Louisville Metro Police Department)

Summary: The Louisville Metro Police Department violated the Open Records Act when it issued responses that failed to explain how the cited exemption applied to the records withheld and when it failed to properly invoke KRS 61.878(1)(h) to withhold records. The Department also violated the Act when it denied a request for records as unreasonably burdensome. However, the Department did not violate the Act when it could not provide copies of records that do not exist within its possession.

3. 24-ORD-132 (In re: Cody Glenn/Transportation Cabinet)

Summary: The Transportation Cabinet did not violate the Open Records Act when it could not provide records that do not exist.


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