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Official seal of the Office of the Kentucky Attorney General

The Kentucky Attorney General issued the following open meetings and open records decisions last week:

1. 22-OMD-163 (In re: Matthew Miller/Mercer County Board of Education)

Summary: The Mercer County Board of Education violated the Open Meetings Act when it failed to issue a timely response to a complaint. However, the Act does not require the Board to post its meeting minutes to its website.

2. 22-ORD-164 (In re: Dawn Crawford/Madison County Judge Executive’s Office)

Summary: The Madison County Judge Executive’s Office violated the Open Records Act when it delayed access to records without notifying the requester of the earliest date on which records would be available or explaining the cause of delay. The Judge Executive’s Office did not violate the Act when it did not provide records that do not exist or are not within its custody or control.

3. 22-ORD-165 (In re: Lawrence Trageser/Jeffersontown Fire Protection District)

Summary: Before seeking this Office’s review under KRS 61.880(2) to allege subversion of the Open Records Act under KRS 61.880(4), a person must first begin enforcement by submitting to a public agency a request to inspect records or a complaint.


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