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Cited Statutes Annotation
Reed v. City of Richmond 61.815 Where disciplinary action was brought against the chief of police and eight officers, pursuant to KRS 95.450, at a session closed to the public despite the accuseds’ request for an open hearing pursuant to subsection (6) (now (1)(f)) of KRS 61.810, and with neither a motion for a closed meeting nor announcement of it at an open meeting, in violation of this section, the action taken must be voided and a new hearing held. Reed v. Richmond, 582 S.W.2d 651, 1979 Ky. App. LEXIS 417 (Ky. Ct. App. 1979). Link
Webster Cnty. Bd. of Educ. v. Franklin 61.810, 61.815, 61.848 Trial court properly exercised it authority to void the action of the school board directing legal counsel to pursue litigation because the board did not substantially comply with the Open Meetings Act. Webster County Bd. of Educ. v. Newell, 392 S.W.3d 431, 2013 Ky. App. LEXIS 31 (Ky. Ct. App. 2013). Link
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