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99-ORD-098 (541) J. D. Droddy / City of Bowling Green
OAG 89-81 (442)
98-ORD-006 (439) David Johnson / Lawrence Circuit Court Clerk
99-ORD-150 (378) James Nick Harrison / Madison County Clerk and Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
01-ORD-038 (364) The State Journal / Kentucky State University
93-ORD-125 (360) Jon L. Fleischaker / Transit Authority of River City
93-ORD-134 (273) Royden K. Cullinan / City of Louisville
02-ORD-120 (272) Kentucky New Era / Christian County School District
07-ORD-190 (268) Kurt Lowe / Kentucky Personnel Cabinet
04-ORD-205 (246) Joseph L. Silverburg / Corrections Corporation of America
02-ORD-144 (229) Charles Gilbert / Northpoint Training Center
95-ORD-096 (223) David C. Payne / University of Kentucky
07-ORD-188 (221) Kurt Lowe / Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet
OAG 87-54 (210)
11-ORD-074 (210) Todd County Standard / Cabinet for Health and Family Services
01-ORD-036 (204) Gene Collins / Luther Luckett Correctional Complex
06-ORD-040 (188) Vincent Scott / Kentucky State Police
OAG 79-547 (185)
OAG 83-111 (180)
OAG 91-112 (178)
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