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  1. (1) A public agency may conduct any meeting through video teleconference.
  2. (2) Notice of a video teleconference meeting shall:
    1. (a) Comply with the requirements of KRS 61.820 or 61.823 as appropriate;
    2. (b) Clearly state that the meeting will be a video teleconference;
    3. (c) Provide specific information on how any member of the public or media organization may view the meeting electronically; and
    4. (d) In any case where the public agency has elected to provide a physical location, or in any circumstance where two (2) or more members of the public agency are attending a video teleconference meeting from the same physical location, precisely identify a primary physical location of the video teleconference where all members can be seen and heard and the public may attend in accordance with KRS 61.840.
  3. (3) The same procedures with regard to participation, distribution of materials, and other matters shall apply in all video teleconference locations. Members of the public agency who participate in a video teleconference shall remain visible on camera at all times that business is being discussed.
  4. (4) Any interruption in the video or audio broadcast of a video teleconference at any location shall result in the suspension of the video teleconference until the broadcast is restored.
  5. (5) If a regular meeting is changed to a video conference, the meeting shall remain a regular meeting if the meeting occurs on the same date and time as originally scheduled and the public agency follows the provisions of KRS 61.823(4) to provide a notice that meets the requirements of subsection (2)(b) to (d) of this section.
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