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AN ACT relating to immunization disclosure.
Summary of Original Version
Create a new section in KRS Chapter 336 to prohibit public entity employers from requiring employees and applicants from disclosing his or her immunization status; create a new section in KRS Chapter 164 to prohibit postsecondary schools from requiring a student, staff, or faculty member to disclose his or her immunization status; amend KRS 344.120 to include the discrimination on the basis of "immunization status" as an unlawful practice; create a new section in KRS Chapter 365 to prohibit a business from requiring customers to disclose his or her immunization status as a condition for service or entry upon the premises; create a new KRS Chapter 214 to prohibit a public entity from creating standardized documentation with the purpose of certifying vaccination status; amend KRS 214.036 to allow objection to immunization on the basis of "conscientiously held beliefs".
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Index Headings of Original Version
Immunization status, students, staff, and faculty, disclosure prohibition
Immunization, parents and guardians, conscientiously held beliefs, objection
Immunization status, disclosure prohibition
Immunization status, prohibit vaccine passport, disclosure prohibition
Immunization, disclosure, objection, conscientiously held beliefs
Immunization status, employees, applicants, disclosure prohibition
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