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AN ACT relating to interscholastic extracurricular activities.
Summary of Original Version
Create a new section of KRS Chapter 158 to authorize participation in a public school interscholastic extracurricular activity by an at-home private school student; establish criteria for participation; require a parent, guardian, or teacher of an at-home private school student participating in a public school interscholastic activity to verify the student's academic progress; declare a public school student who does not make academic progress at a public school and withdraws and enters an at-home private school program ineligible for participation in an interscholastic activity for the remainder of the school year; direct statute be cited as the Play Fair Kentucky Act.
Introduced .pdf (19.79 KB)
Index Headings of Original Version
Interscholastic extracurricular activities, participation
Interscholastic athletic activities, participation
Play Fair Kentucky Act
  • introduced in House
  • to Committee on Committees (H)

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