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AN ACT relating to disabled persons.
Summary of Original Version
Amend KRS 387.350, relating to determination of disability and appointment of a guardian or conservator, to create additional requirements for petition; amend KRS 387.580 to add specific findings to be made at a hearing; amend KRS 387.600 to make recognition of the respondent's power of attorney discretionary; amend KRS 387.610 to reduce duration of a renewed appointment; amend KRS 387.620 to clarify procedure for an informal request; require jury trials to modify an order; specify that an order may include visitation arrangements and limitation of the ward's ability to enter into a contract; amend KRS 387.640 and 387.660 to specify duties of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services if that cabinet is a guardian or limited guardian; create a new section of KRS Chapter 387 to require the attorney for the respondent in a hearing to determine whether legal actions are in effect and to inform the respondent of his or her right to petition for modification.
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Index Headings of Original Version
Hearings for appointment of guardian or conservator, additional requirements
Petition for appointment of guardians or conservator, additional requirements
Hearings for appointment of guardian or conservator, additional requirements
Petition, additional requirements
Guardianship hearings, additional requirements
Guardianship petition, additional requirements
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